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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions asked by individuals who are seeking private pay homecare services for themselves or a loved one.
1. How do you recruit your caregivers?

We recruit out caregivers through a number of different sources that include but are not limited to; our website, local advertising, job readiness programs, employee referrals, job fairs and much more.  All of our applicants are carefully screened, interviewed, and undergo background checks. Not only are we a New York  State Department of Health licensed Homecare agency but also a New York State licensed Personal Care Aide and Home Health Aide Training facility (Type of Training programs offered vary from offices). We are fully confident in the caregiver’s competency to deliver the highest level of care to our clients, because of our rigorous application, screen and training processes.

2. What happens if my caregiver does not show up?

First Care Of New York has Staff aides that are not assigned to a set  client  but serve as a fill-in if a  no show   would occur. They are readily available to serve as a  back-up  for  any  client , regardless the scope and tasks that are involved. They are certified PCA\HHA’s. Tthey are considered First Care Of New York elite, which can handle any assignment with 100 % satisfaction.
Frequently, after a staff aide has covered an assignment we get the request to have them assigned as the client’s permanent caregiver. We are always flattered by the request but our staff aides are strictly there to backup and cover any immediate need until a permanent replacement can be assigned.

We have an exceptionally large staff of paraprofessionals and work diligently to ensure 100% compatibility between our client and Caregiver.
3. Are your caregivers insured?

Yes, all First-Care of New York employees are covered under our (General, Professional and Workers compensation) policies.
4. Are the caregivers employees of your agency?
  Yes, all our caregivers are hired and direct employees of First Care Of New York.  We do not sub contract our homecare services, especially our paraprofessional.
5. Are your paraprofessionals supervised?
  Yes, all employees are supervised by a registered nurse initially and every 3 months or if the patient condition changes, ensuring competency.
6. What type of ongoing training is given to your paraprofessionals to ensure they are current with any health related      trends/changes?
  All of our paraprofessionals need to complete mandatory annual in-service training and deemed competent by our registered nurses.We are in constant communication with paraprofessionals, via the client’s case coordinator; assigned RN, phone blasts, quarterly First Care Of New York newsletter, to ensure they are up to date with any health related trends/changes.

7. How often does a registered nurse visit the client?


A nurse will initially admit the client to our program and develop a Plan of Care, which the paraprofessional will be orientated to follow. After that step, the RN will visit every three months to reassess the client’s condition or whenever the client’s condition changes.

8. Is Someone available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week?

  Yes, an on-call coordinator is available as well as a Registered Nurse after normal business hours to answer any and all questions.
9. What are my payment options to cover homecare services?
  There are many payment options, such as: LTC (Long Term Care) insurance, reverse mortgage loan, and out of pocket payments. For more detailed information Click Here.
  To find out more information about assisting yourself or a loved one with private duty home care, feel free contact us at 718-741-5950 and speak to a private duty specialist.
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