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Long Term Care
Long term Care, what are my options and which option is the most cost effective ?


1) Age or physical disability makes living independently a frightening reality?

2) Concerned about a Love one who needs assistance with activities of daily living or basic companionship to ensure wellbeing?


When it comes to Long Term Care three viable options exists: The Assisted living Residence, Nursing home facility, and Home Care Services provided at YOUR residence are listed and in order of most costly to least for the services rendered.

Assisted Living – Tends to be highest cost of services. Assisted living is often viewed as the best of both worlds but at a premium cost. Residents have as much independence as they want with the knowledge that personal care and support services are available if they need them. Assisted living communities are designed to provide residents with assistance with basic Activities of Daily living, such as bathing, grooming, dressing, dinning, etc. Assisted living communities differ from nursing homes in that they don’t offer complex medical services (this varies from State to State)

  Conclusion:  Comfortable living arrangements, often cannot provide complex medical services, tends to be the most costly of long term care solutions.

Nursing Home - A residential facility for persons with chronic illness or disability, particularly older people who have mobility and eating problems. The care team which typically consists of Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse and Certified Nursing Assistant, provides care to a dynamic number of patients based on clocked in staff. Care is more impersonal and lacks continuity due to fluctuations in staff members.

  Conclusion:  Living arrangements often come with a facility look and feel; continuity of care is often in question, less costly than an assisted living facility.

Home Care - Most of the time this option will be the most cost effective solution that will provide a wide spectrum of services. The care that is provided via a licensed Homecare Service Agency is more personal and extremely customizable.  Whether its just assistance with Activities of Daily living or more in-depth medical needs, the Home Care service agency can customize the care team to meet the client’s needs.

Conclusion: In our opinion, Home care is TRULY the best option for long term care needs.  Live in your own residence (no relocation necessary), dedicated, customizable care team that provides one on one services, and typically is the most cost effective solution. Best of all, you or your loved one gets to live in their home and not a facility!!

At First Care Of New York we believe “the proof is in the pudding”. Let us show you why we live by our motto “We pick up where other leave off”.
Let First Care Of New York help you determine the level of care that is required and what would be the best solution and assist with determining costs of providing services.

To find out more information about assisting yourself or a loved one with private duty home care, contact us at 718-741-5950 and speak to a private duty specialist for a free consultation !

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