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First-Care Interview
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*How did you hear about First Care Of New York?
Are you currently employed? Yes   No
  If no, how long have you been out of work
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Can you work every weekend? Yes   No
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*Which of the 5 Boros are you willing to travel to:
Manhattan   Bronx   Brooklyn   Queens   
Staten Island   Westchester County   Other   Nassau   Suffolk   
Do you drive? Yes   No
Do you have a car? Yes   No
Would you have a problem with transportation? Yes   No
Would you work a live in case (24 Hour shifts)? Yes   No
Will you work with male patients? Yes   No
Do you speak Spanish? Yes   No
If no will you work with a Spanish speaking patient? Yes   No

What would you do in the following scenarios?

*Your patient requests that you stay longer than you are supposed to or she says she will pay you extra if you stay longer.

*Your patient becomes agitated, upset, angry etc. and asks you to "leave right now."

*You are on a long hour case and you have a family emergency.

*Your patient gives you a large sum of money to go to the store and says you can keep the change.

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